Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Closure of the Trust

Dear Members,

I am saddened to say that due to my contractual arrangements with my employer and our inability to receive funding for a third party speaker I have to close the Trust. The current teaching of the pre inspection checklist system and how it crosses over to my role as a building inspector puts me in conflict.

Therefore I am sadly having to close the trust and any involvement in teaching to builders.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our first meeting for 2011


We all had a very good seminar this month for the Auckland Central area.

This seminar was based on our Pre inspection checklist system. The subject was the Block work inspection (ICB). This seminar was all over by 8.45 with a starting time of 7.30. As this is a newly developed program each night will differ in length. It is the desire of the trust not to go over the 2 hour time. This is due to the fact that each member has a family and they are taking time out of their evening to meet to add value to the skill. This new found skill has a positive spin off to our wider communities as well as each others families.

 Our next one in Central is Framing (Sub-floor) at the leys institute ponsonby. March 1st, Tuesday 7.30

As you maybe aware we are starting a new  seminar in Auckland south. Please feel free to turn up. As this is a new branch your presence would be appreciated.

9 Lambie drive, Manukau. Manukau City Baptist Chapel Hall  Tuesday Feb 8th, 2011

Our intention at the trust is to have a dedicated team of seminar administrators for the four areas Auckland north,south,central and finally west. The strategy is that each member will know the names of their local administrator and will co-ordinate the program and the relationships on a local level.

The new LBP scheme as designed can provide a positive spin off for our wider communities. Our small trust desires to be cost  effective,relevant and timely in its functions and delivery of what we do. The trust will rely strongly on the local administrator to provide relevance in our teaching to the members and the wider community.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our Next Seminars

Welcome back to a new year. 

We will be commencing our new year with 2 options for your CPD training. The 1st venue will be at the Leys Institute, Saint Marys road, Ponsonby at 7.30. The date is Tuesday February 1st. The subject will be Concrete Block/Retaining walls

Our new venue out south is the Manukau City Baptist chapel. The 2nd venue is 9 Lambie drive, Manukau at 7.30. The date will be Tuesday February 8th. The subject will be Footings.   I hope to see you their.
 feel free to contact me after hours on 09-268-0649 or on the email

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our first meeting

Hi all,
We had a good meeting at the Leys Institute in Ponsonby on Friday 22nd. As a past member of many organisations I note it is very important to have open conversations and debate.

As part of the debate the guys made it very clear that there seems to be no mechanism for open debate about the real issues that effect them. Here are some of the issues discussed were:
  1. Licensed builder practictioner(LBP)continued professional development details.
  2. Personal business family trust
  3. What I intend to teach.
  4. Responsibility of material manufacturers 
  5. Why I wanted to teach.
Point 1

Please refer to the above link for the direct information from the DBH. A Site 2 license and a carpentry license requires 36 CPD points per 2 years. The debate is the cost and the time away from your building site. The BIEF intention is to provide support and appropriate cost effective and relevant teaching sessions. We beleive that we can acheive this and it would be our intention to approach the DBH to approve the courses that we provide so we can give CPD points.

Point 2

With the upcoming licensing we would recommend it be important that you follow up on protecting your assets in a family trust.