Thursday, December 9, 2010

Concrete Slab Pre-Inspection Seminar

Hi everybody,

This seminar seemed to be initially an involved time consuming night. The checklist this time has 18 different points of reference. They were granular fill,compaction,DPC,Mesh,Perimeter Reinforcing,Wall starters,Control joints, Thickening to bearing walls,Ground clearances etc.

These items were explained with their references fairly quickly. This gave us plenty of time to chat and discuss the 2011 year. I will provide you all with the breakdown of the seminars and dates soon. If you visit the following link you will see that we are now registered to teach by the DBH Yeah!!!.

I have had a positive conversation with New Zealand Standards to teach and resell NZS3604:2011. I need to look at a formulated plan over christmas and then submit this for their approval prior to teaching it mid to late year.

I really do hope you have a happy and safe christmas and prosperous new year. We are intending to have the seminars midweek now either  First Tuesday or Wednesday of every month. Please email if this is ok with you.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Footings meeting

Hi guys,

Ten guys turned up on the 12th of November. I took the guys through  the first "pre-inspection checklist system" for footings.
The participants gave good feed back during the evening and judging by the test they listened very well. I personally also learnt alot about my ability to be clear when asking questions. Being sure to be prepared for every issue that might arise. Peter baxendale felt that we should be asking for donation of  $20.00 per night for the privilage of having the night put on. I really want to emphasise the core reasoning for the fund to exist. It is to provide cost effective,quality,timely and relevant building industry information. With this in mind I do have to cover my costs and not to the detriment of my family. But in saying that we must position ourselves as an organisation to provide appropriate information that is not out of the reach of the average punter.

Some really good news is that the registrar at the Department of Building And Housing has awarded  us 2 CPD points for the next 2 years.This is for every night that we participate in the Building Industry Education Fund seminars. As you know you need to acheive 36 points per annum. My hope is that what we do here at the BIEF works for your company and we will be your preferred option for upskilling.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why I want teach

Point 5

I want to be involved in creating an environment where the conversation is complimentary. As an organisation we do not want to be reinventing the wheel. This industry is very isolating. Sometimes the only consistant conversation a contractor may have is with those around him and maybe the building inspector. I believe that as our industry is mainly made up of men. The attributes of the industry are reflection of men's attributes. Isolation,independance,focus,competition and so on. These are positive and negative issues. My personal skill is working with the guys on the ground.Our industry will require an organisation that guides,supports and encourages to have better building business'.  Below is a sacremento based similar organisation which I would like to see replicated here.

Next time I post it will be after our first footings seminar.

Material suppliers

 It is our recommendation and our conviction that  you are better protected by "Codemark" approved products. Global website. website. Currently these organisations are the only organisations qualified to assess to the level of compliance to  the Australian and New Zealand building code.

This issue alone should SHOCK you into creating a family trust away from your business. 

Further information on our first night

Point 3

All our building sites require a good system that measures what products were used. Was it installed as per the manufacturers specifications. Does it match the consented plans and finally does it comply to all the relevant codes and New Zealand Standards.

Initially I would like to reinforce the council seminars with pre-inspection checklists. All council Building Inspectors will now be using a checklist system to capture all of the above issues. My intention would be to help our members with the interpretation of these checklists and teach where the information comes from.